I usually cringe when I get the text, FB message or call from a friend or family member.  “Hey, I’m looking for a flab2fit-litptical for the house, can you get me a deal on one?”

The easy answer would be “no”.

But, I’m insanely curious and opinionated.

I explain that flab2fit-liptical they use or used at the gym spatially looks different in a 10,000 square foot cardio area than in the spare bedroom or garage.  Getting it around corners or up stairs — I’m very busy that day or out of town.  Way out of town.  Measurements matter.

In my neighborhood, I’ve counted 11 garages with exercise equipment holding laundry or boxes.  I get it — it’s an available surface taking up prime real estate.  Shouldn’t IT be prime real estate — for bodies to be moving on regularly?

Now, to the equipment.  Much like Dudley Allen Sargent’s use of exercise machines — he developed them to get people fit enough to exercise, NOT to be the exercise.  Those flab2fit-lipticals are a nice starting point BUT not your destination.  I have never seen someone move in real life like they do on some machines and many use momentum (think false calorie expenditure readings).  A long walk would serve us better.

The home exercise equipment industry is around $5 billion.  If we align that with the growth in obesity and pre-diabetes, something is not working.  That is a lot of clothes hangers in basements, garages and spare bedrooms.

Find a coach, start a program, start walking, move like you move in real life – squat, pull, press, push and generally lift things off the ground.

Here’s a great starter home gym (Amazon links):


Exercise Bands

Concept II Rower


Jump Rope

Park further away (walking)

Don’t use elevators for anything less than 7 floors (stair climbing)

Move after 20 minutes of screen time (walk, squat or jump)


Written by: hackmike