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An atheist, a vegan and a crossfitter walk into a bar.  How do you know?
Because they tell you in the first two minutes.

In the last 8 months, I have heard it all:

  • You’ll get injured
  • They hurt people
  • It’s too competitive
  • The trainers are clueless
  • Be careful (my Mom)
  • Why would you do that to yourself?
  • You won’t last
  • It’s just a fad (definitely a future post on this one)

And I’ve been called it all:

  • Kool-aid drinker
  • Groupie
  • Insane
  • Fantard
  • Too old
  • Clueless

Last year I went into a Spartan Sprint Race with my daughter Madison (14yo at the time) who kicked my “in shape” ass by 12 minutes.  AND it took me almost 6 days to recover.  As I was resting after the race she asked if she could run it again to try and get a better time.  I was in shape – low bodyfat, strong as hell and I could hike for miles.  Just don’t ask me to run or move quickly carrying heavy stuff for a long distance.

I knew I had to do something different.  Crossfit was the answer for me.  Now I’m a firm believer that Crossfit is for anybody, but it is not for everybody.  I was also referred to my box (parlance for Crossfit gym) by a sports medicine doc who works on Madison and my shoulder.  When I finished the intro class totally gassed and exhausted I knew I found a new home.  This was going to be disruptive fitness for me — gone were the days of limiting machines and lifts.

8 months in and my fitness has been hacked and disrupted.  I can run – not far and not fast, but I run.  And old dog has learned a lot of new tricks with volumes more on the horizon.  For an old weighlifter like me it is akin to learning to write with the opposite hand — quite the challenge, but can be mastered over time.  One strength of Crossfit is that the better you get at it, the harder it gets.  That progressive nature makes me whine and groan while firing me up.

Have a fitness goal for 2016?  You’re going to need to disrupt some things to achieve it.  Get to it.


Written by: hackmike

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